October Sectionals

posted Oct 23, 2013, 7:25 PM by Danielle Dinkelman
I have been pretty busy this month working in the schools. I worked with the concert band kids at Spanish Fork Junior High twice. These kids are doing great and we were able to really focus on blending as a section as well as musicality. I love it when we get to start focusing on what music is really about, you know, the music!

I also made a trip down to Payson to help out Connie Erickson at Payson Junior High. Let me just say, I was so impressed with how Connie is running that program. She is instilling some great values and principles in those kids. I had a great time working with her jazz trombone section, including two converts from euphonium who are doing quite well. We spent most of our time talking about how to not rush the quarter notes in jazz charts. I think they were starting to catch on. Then we worked a lot on balance, making sure the lead is leading, but not overwhelming the rest of the section. I really love working with Jazz sections; there is so much to talk about!
Then I worked with the trombones and baritones from the beginning brass class. There were 5 trombones and 2 baritones. I love seeing such a good sized group of kids starting out! I wish everyone of them would sign up for lessons! I just hope they all stick it out and learn to love it. It was truly a pleasure to work with so many great kids this month.