Legacy Music Alliance

posted Oct 23, 2013, 7:31 PM by Danielle Dinkelman
In September I joined a non-profit organization called Legacy Music Alliance. As one of their private instructors, I can be invited by band teachers who have joined the program as a clinician for their trombone/low brass sections. This is how I was paid for all four of the clinics I did this month. It is great, because the band teachers just pay a $50 membership fee for the year and in return receive 10 clinician hours for them to use. Then when I go and run a clinic or sectional, LMA is the one that pays me. It is such a great deal for the band teachers' budgets, and they are able to get some really useful help from specialists on a variety of instruments. I thoroughly enjoyed working so many clinics this month and hope that more band teachers will continue to use this great program.