Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the best slide oil?

A. Not all slide oils are created equal! The oily, alcohol-smelling stuff that comes in your rental horn's case is usually absolutely worthless. 

Please please please invest in a REAL slide oil that will keep your slide moving effortlessly! 

Also, every trombonist MUST have a small portable spray bottle of water to keep the slide wet. The water activates both of the slide oils that I recommend. 

All of these products are available at your local music store, or online at,, or

Slide-O-Mix Rapid Comfort
Slide-O-Mix Rapid Comfort Trombone Lubricant (337RC)

Yamaha YAC-1021P
Yamaha YAC-1021P Trombone Slide Oil

2 oz Spray Bottle for water
SuperSlick SB1 2oz. Bottle w/ Sprayer Cap

Q. Should we rent an instrument or buy?

A. Rental horns from Summerhays or Bert Murdock music are a great way to go. You will be sure to have an instrument in great condition and there are even rent-to-own options

Another option is to buy used. I am more than happy to help my students look for and find quality used horns through KSL Classifieds and other sources. Typically a used student horn in good condition can be purchased for $100-$400 or so. 

Q.  How do I clean my trombone and how often?

A. Give the trombone a bath (yes! a bath!) About every 6 months
Purchase a good cleaning kit like this one from Yamaha (found on amazon for $20). This also happens to include the yamaha slide oil mentioned above!
Any good cleaning kit will contain the following:
1. Snake Brush
2. Mouthpiece Brush
3. Lint free Cleaning Cloth

There are several resources online that will instruct you on how to bathe the trombone. Here is one such resource: