Bio & Resume

My name is Danielle Dinkelman. I have been playing trombone for 16 years. I earned a Bachelor's degree in Trombone Performance from Brigham Young University. I have experience in almost every type of ensemble including concert band, marching band, pep band, jazz band, symphony orchestra, trombone choir, brass quintet, brass trio, trombone quartet, and even a professional salsa band!

I have had opportunities to play in many notable groups such as the Orchestra at Temple Square and Utah Premier Brass. I have free-lanced as a live performer and recording studio musician throughout Utah Valley. Currently, I serve as the trombonist and general manager of the Art City Brass, a professional brass quintet. 

Although I have been teaching almost as long as I have been playing, my serious studio work began in 2009. In addition to my private studio, I frequently work in the local junior highs and high schools as a trombone and low brass clinician for Legacy Music Alliance

Students that have studied with me have consistently received superior ratings at Regional and State Solo & Ensemble festivals. Other student achievements include Sterling Scholar, All State Jazz Band, as well as admittance & scholarships to college music programs. 

To see a copy of my Resume in Brief, go to the link at the bottom of this page. 

I know how valuable a second opinion can be when it comes to seeking out a private music teacher. So in case you have come across my studio without knowing me or one of my associates personally, I have included a few endorsements below to give you an idea of other's experience with me as a teacher. 


"When we moved back to Utah county, we asked our son's Jr. High teacher for recommendations for a private trombone teacher. She gave us three or four names, and we set about auditioning each of the teachers; our approach was to pay for one lesson from each teacher, and then decide. Mrs. Dinkelman was clearly the best. I am not exagerating when I say that our son was better after the first lesson. Mrs. Dinkelman sets high, but achievable goals for our son, and his development as a musician has been tremendous. He scored top marks at State Solo and Ensemble last year as a freshman, and now as a sophomore has participated in the All-State Jazz band. I can honestly say he would not be where he is today without Mrs. Dinkelman's guidance."

Bryan Cardoza, 


"Over the last four years I’ve enlisted Mrs. Dinkelman to work with my students as a clinician and coach even during the summer. I’ve observed countless lessons with Mrs. Dinkelman working with students. She’s consistently demonstrated her love for what she does. Her students improve very fast. I believe this stems from her ability for assessing students and providing each with appropriate differentiated instruction. She finds where they can comfortably engage in the learning process and connects with them as young professionals. My kids know she cares about them and really enjoy when she visits. She’s very pleasant. 
Mrs. Dinkelman is an outstanding instructor and mentor to students."

Matthew Wendell
Director of Bands
Spanish Fork Junior High School


My 11 yr old son has been taking lessons from Danielle for almost a year.  This was his first exposure to playing an instrument and the time spent with Danielle has been amazing!  He was the only trombone player in his school class, making it hard for him to follow and learn from the music teacher.  After only a few lessons, I started getting comments from his teacher how well he was doing!  Playing has given him something to have pride in, and he likes to show us the songs he has mastered.  I have seen the customized approach Danielle takes to ensure my son can learn in his own way, but that also pushes him to do more than he thinks he can.   I know Danielle loves music, and that has definitely rubbed off on my son!  I am so thankful that she enjoys sharing her talent and expertise.  We will be continuing lessons with her for a very long time.

Michelle Farrell,

Danielle Dinkelman,
Jun 30, 2015, 2:35 PM